6 Things You Can Learn From Best Buy’s Facebook Page

Best Buy is known for awesome social media. In fact, its social media efforts are managed so well that its in-store experience sometimes struggles to keep up. To gain some insights from the marketers behind this, we looked at Best Buy’s approach to their Facebook Page during November 2011 – January 2012 – and here are six takeaways:

1. Use a variety of offers. Fan shaped offers. Deal of the day. Tech Tips from Geeksquad. Best Buy’s page is full of varying offers and initiatives, which – despite very frequent posting – keeps the page fresh and exciting for the fans.

2. Drive traffic to your website. Best Buy sells online, and its Facebook Page is clearly aligned with this goal. 80% of all posts on the Facebook Page were links – with 70% of all posts driving traffic back to the Best Buy website.

3. Perform multi-day giveaways. Best Buy performed two giveaways: 8 Days of Movies (gifting their fans a complimentary movie every day) and Best Buy Holiday Sweepstakes (giving their fans 10 Best Buy e-gift cards each day). These posts generated 122,831 and 143,252 clicks over the campaign respectively – which is way higher than proportionate one day offers. As these giveaways require to “like” the page or to enter the email address,  both of the giveaways clearly increased subscriber base for Best Buy.

4. Post daily (yes, including weekends). Best Buy is not missing the weekend opportunity – and rightly so. Sunday results in the most clicks on their links – 6,405 per post on average, compared to the week’s average of 4,651. Interestingly, the number of comments on Sundays was the lowest – suggesting that fans actually shop, instead of just engaging on Facebook.

5. To gain likes, post text or photos. If your goal is engagement, text updates is the best  form of communication and had 1,132 likes per update on average for Best Buy. The second most engaging post type was photos – with 731 likes on average.

6. Drive shopping on holidays. It is no surprise that Black Friday and Thanksgiving promotions received the highest number of clicks – Best Buy’s promotions did their job. What is interesting though, is that Christmas day offers received the second highest number of clicks per post on average. It is hard to say whether this translated into sales right after Best Buy’s Christmas delivery problems – but if you wish to drive your fans to your website, make sure your compelling offers come out when they have a lot of free time on their hands!