Who Are Your Influencers on Twitter?

Social media is a key source of traffic for many websites and blogs, so it is becoming increasingly important to understand who are the people driving this traffic. In order to help you answer this question, we used Campalyst tracking technology and developed a new service – Brandfluencers.com – which we are introducing today!

Brandfluencers.com plugs into Google Analytics of a website and identifies the top Twitter users who refer the most visits and pageviews to a website, blog, or a landing page. The marketer or website owner can then engage with them directly and start a conversation. Alternatively, he or she can use Brandfluencers.com to create a campaign – which will publish the top 5 Twitter influencers, offer a prize to them, and ultimately encourage more viral sharing.

An example of such campaign is here: http://brandfluencers.com/brandfluencers.com (yes, you can also win a book on influence! :) ).

We developed Brandfluencers.com to showcase the capabilities of Campalyst technology – so it is complimentary to use for your websites, blogs, businesses, and landing pages! You can try it now at www.brandfluencers.com – and let us know if you find any surprising influencers for your website!