What if You Unfriended Everyone and “Liked” Top 100 Retailers Instead?

It’s Friday, so we decided to have some fun and run a little experiment: out of curiosity, we wanted to see how one’s News Feed would look like if the person followed 100 Top Internet Retailers on Facebook and unfriended everybody else.

The experiment turned out to be a great insight into how Internet retailers are trying to capture attention of their fans. Here are the highlights:

No weekend goes without a sale!

While social media experts debate about the role of Facebook in the marketing mix (brand awareness vs. direct-response), the brands don’t waste time and keep offering their fans all kinds of promotions (and of course, all of them end either today or this weekend!). Sales and discounts are by far the most popular way for Internet retailers to engage with their fans (disclaimer: according to this “totally-unacademic” study).

We are on Pinterest too!

Few months ago we published an infographic revealing that only 61% of Top 250 Internet Retailers have presence on Pinterest. Moreover, there were only 27 brands that had more than 1,000 followers on Pinterest (and 0, yes zero, had more than 100,000 followers). Apparently, the brands listened and now engaged in the race of building their Pinterest following by using Facebook pages. “Follow us on Pinterest” lands the second place in our study.

How could we miss the Olympics?! and the National Watermelon Day too!

Surprisingly, very few retailers used the topic of Olympics to engage with their users. Isn’t it a great opportunity to sell few plasma screens and some sports shoes? Apparently, not as the same number of retailers decided to go with the National Watermelon Day instead.

Who said iPad giveaways are dead?

Surprisingly enough, giveaways are still alive (and the engagement metrics suggest they are hugely successful; almost 3,000 clicks on the bit.ly link in Buy.com promotion!). So if you’re in that kind of thing, you will have a plenty of opportunities to enter a competition and win an iPad this weekend.

Playing it safe, the good all things everybody loves!

And finally, some brands decided to play it safe and bet on something everybody loves (and probably will love as long as Facebook exists). You just cannot go wrong with a steak (over 100,000 “likes” at the moment of writing) and a bra (over 50,000 “likes”)!

That’s it for today and have a great weekend!