Can Facebook Pages Fuel Mobile Commerce? They Can Definitely Drive Traffic! [research]

Business Insider published an article on Facebook’s fears of diminishing ad revenue due to increased mobile usage. Thus, the publications reports that more than half of Facebook users accessed the service via mobile device in Q2 of 2012, and 102 million people accessed the service solely on mobile device. Limited advertising units on the mobile version of the site and its app are considered to be potential causes for flattering or decreasing revenue.

We have decided to conduct our own research on importance of Facebook usage on mobile devices in an attempt to drive conclusions on how this trend might affect fan page owners. For the first iteration of the study (more in-depth research will follow), we looked at the fan pages of 5 internet retailers, Aéropostale Inc.Abercrombie & Fitch Co.Hot Topic Inc.Coach Inc. and Foot Locker Inc. We took 5 recent status updates advertising a sale promotion and compiled a breakdown of clicks on the promotional links contained in those status updates using the stats of service.

As the results in the table above suggest, 40-50% of the clicks occurred on mobile version of Facebook. This means that on average in 44.4% cases fans of the brands, included in this study, saw status updates on their mobile devices, reacted to calls to action and accessed their websites. It should be highlighted again, that we included only status updates that contained a sale promotion, meaning that by clicking people showed the intent to buy.

We do not have the data on conversion rates for the mobile traffic, but the click volume suggests that brands have a tremendous opportunity in the area of mobile commerce that would be fueled by social media, which gives a solid foundation for the new ad formats from Facebook.