Introducing new functionality: monitoring and responding to social media mentions

We have been heads down during the summer building new functionality that our awesome clients asked for. In the course of the coming weeks we will be announcing the new features that make Campalyst even more powerful Social Media Dashboard, and today we start with the launch of Inbox for social mentions.

Inbox allows you to monitor and respond to Facebook comments, wall posts or direct messages, as well as Twitter mentions and DMs…all from a single message feed! Even more, you can monitor and respond to mentions using Project Inbox that aggregates social mentions for all social media accounts associated with a particular project.

In order to use the new functionality, login to Campalyst and proceed to “My Projects” page. You can access the Inbox for a particular social media account by clicking Inbox icon next to it, or you can access Project Inbox by clicking the respective icon on top right of the project summary.

“My Projects” page now also provides the information about the number of new messages in the Inbox for each connected social media account. This allows you to quickly scan through your projects and see, which accounts require your attention.

You can easily switch between Inboxes by selecting from the top left menu either a particular social media account or a particular project.

The main advantage of using the Inbox is that you can monitor and respond to all Facebook and Twitter mentions from a single feed. You can also select to see only a particular type of messages (i.e. wall posts on your Facebook Page).

Each message in the Inbox contains information about a) the type of message (i.e. Twitter mention) and the time when the message was received, as well as b) the social media account it was addressed to.

Finally, you can respond to the message (type of the response options depends on the type of the message, i.e. “reply” and “retweet” for Twitter mentions) or archive it to hide from the Inbox (not all messages need response, right?).

That’s it for today, but stay tuned for the new updates! You are welcome to try Inbox for yourself by login in to your existing Campalyst account or signing up for a free trial!