How to measure website visitors’ demographics: hidden Facebook Insights gem

Earlier this year I had a discussion on the topic of the future of online marketing measurements and evolution of the tracking technologies. My thesis was that at some point Social Graph could replace cookies, as a much superior and richer tracking technology.

Think about about it: you are constantly loged in to Facebook on your laptop and desktop computers, on your phone and on your tablet. Imagine if website owners could capture at least part of the data about Facebook users (that rarely log out) visiting their websites. It would allow identifying a given person despite her using multiple devices, and the demographics / interest profile would be much more complete! Guess what? Facebook Insights for Domains makes a huge step towards that direction!

Facebook Insights for Domains now allows you to estimate demographics of your website visitors based on the impressions of the “Like” buttons. How does it work? Not a surprise that by installing “Like” buttons and other social plugins, website owners allow Facebook capturing some data about their website visitors (especially about the ones that are loged in to Facebook while visiting a particular site), and apparently Facebook started revealing these data.

You can access the report by selecting “Like Button” -> “Demographics” -> “Like Button Impressions” in your Facebook Insights for Domains (see below).

Using this hidden (or not that hidden, but rarely advertised) feature you can now see the gender, the age, the language and the location of your website visitors (given you have “Like” button installed on each and single page of your website). For instance, in case of this blog, the majority of the visitors during the summer were 18-34 y.o women (38%) and men (39%).

In addition, you can see the language and the location (country) of your visitors. The data is available on a weekly or monthly basis, or for a specific timeframe. Finally, Facebook Insights for Domains can be installed for subdomains, such as this blog, which is available at

You might argue that not all your website visitors are Facebook users, and even fewer of them are loged in when visiting the web property. However, with 1 billion users and counting, Facebook can provide a way more comprehensive demographics data than many services out there!

So check your stats and let us know if you find this useful!

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